Mohammed Koran Quran
Mohammed Koran Quran Mohammed Koran Quran
Mohammed Koran Quran
Mohammed Koran Quran

Answering Prophet of Doom

Audio Version

Recognizing that it can be more convenient and enjoyable to listen to audio than it is to read a book, or content, we have listed a series of lectures about the subject for your convenience. Click on the links below to play the audio on your computer, save the files to your hard drive, burn them onto a CD, and/or load them onto your MP3 player.

We appreciate that not everyone has the time to come to understand Islam as thoroughly as it is presented in this book. If you are simply looking for a quick summary of Islam's true nature, start with What is Islam?.

These links to the MP3 lectures are ideal for playing on your computer or downloading to an MP3 player.
Does Islam Equal Terrorism?01:13:208.39 MB
Jihad: The J Word00:47:365.44 MB
Combat Them00:29:026.64 MB
Terrorism In Islam01:14:058.49 MB
Defending Islam00:20:164.64 MB
True Meaning Of Islam00:35:428.17 MB
The Effects Of 911 Events00:32:547.53 MB
Muhammad: Prophet of Islam00:18:164.18 MB
Ayesha A Child Bride00:35:3032.5 MB
Why Hate Women00:47:1210.8 MB
Do We Support Terrorism00:27:386.32 MB
Terrorism Or The Opposite00:55:3512.7 MB
The Beauty Of Islam00:32:303.71 MB

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Mohammed Koran Quran
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Mohammed Koran Quran
Mohammed Koran Quran