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Women of Islam (DVD)
Learn the Islamic perspective of Islam on women.
What is Islam?
Terrorism! Violence! Is This Islam? Origin of Islam, Judaism and Christianity.
Unique Quran (DVD)
Mutahhir Sabree hosts Yusuf Estes to shed light on the uniqueness of the Quran.
Muhammad: A Biography of the Prophet The Life and Work of Muhammad (Critical Lives) Imam Bukhari's Book of Muslim Morals and Manners
Common Sense of Islam
It's just commons sense to have faith in Allah with no assocation or partner involved. Common Sense to be Muslim.
Priests and Preachers Entering Islam
If ISLAM is so bad, why are so many "Priests & Preachers Entering Islam?" TRUE STORIES
Evolution Creation or Both
Proof Enough - Atheists Enter Islam!
Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet Islam: A Short History (Modern Library Chronicles) Islam: A Short History (Modern Library Chronicles)
No Brainer
Audio Play: Professor IAmKafar insulting belief in God until a Muslim stands up to speak
Born Again In Islam (DVD)Sheik Yusuf back in Texas gives a talk on "How to be truly born again". A lady accepts Islam at the end of the program. Clearing Misconceptions (DVD)
This lecture took place In Virginia Tech University durring the dawah event. This video clears up some common misconceptions about Islam.